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Our Story.
 Our Mission.

To help individuals and organizations develop skills and transform their knowledge management for better performance in the community.

Sai Om Job Support Training Center (SOJSTC) was established in 2002 A.D. as a not-for-profit professional institute. It is committed to improve the management practices of individuals as well as of institutions through a wide range of professional services. It promotes individuals’ careers by enhancing capability for management development and skill development. The SOJSTC is a center of excellence providing affordable, accredited and quality training and development opportunities to organizations, businesses and their frontline staff. Our approach helps public and private sector institutions to build and strengthen their ability to address Nepal’s most pressing challenges.

SOJSTC, a training center working to tackle interlinked management and social development issues, provides a substantial community of learning which draws on the latest, evidence-based experience from the field. Operating as a social enterprise, all income from the Center is channeled into SOJSTC’s charitable, public benefit activities.


SOJSTC firmly believes that individuals are behind the success of all successful families and organizations. It is the individual, his/her motivation, dedication, commitment, confidence and capability that determine the success or failure of family and organization. SOJSTC helps the individual to recognize her/his strengths and build on them to improve his/her effectiveness. Our entire activities are based on these beliefs and accordingly, our focus is on:

(1) The individual’s relations with the location in which she/he lives and works, and

(2) The individual’s contribution towards healthy growth and sustainability of the family and organization.


Generally, all SOJSTC activities aim at attaining these major objectives, they are:

(1) To assist individuals to significantly improve their effectiveness in ways that will enable them to achieve defined objectives, and

(2) To encourage organizational members to develop and improve their personal skills and resources.

(3) To enable them to work effectively and efficiently in their organization.


The services we provide can broadly be categorized as follows:

  1. Management and Development (Organizational Capacity Development)
  2. Training (Individual’s knowledge and skill development)
  3. Other services (Strategic Planning, Assessment, Impact Study, Manual Writing and Translation, Group/Team Facilitation and Moderation)

Train yourself

General Management

GM training aims to assist participants to improve the skills required to lead their organization into the future.

Project Management

PM training aims to provide participants with practical knowledge and skills to improve and update managerial capacity.

Other Services

The education executive or Training Manager needs TRAINING sometimes too!.


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