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Community Participation in Development Project (CPDP)


This seven-day CPDP training gives you a thorough understanding and importance of community participation in development of community. This CPDP training aims to build a framework to assess, develop and monitor the capacity of participants in development programs and projects. Participants learn to formulate an appropriate project that best responds to the needs of the community stakeholders, their mandate and responsibilities. The training starts with reflection and discussion on the role of different stakeholders in development work, the meaning and characteristics of capacity building for communities and how capacity building of communities helps in ensuring program/project success and sustainability. The training then focuses on how to identify and map different community groups relevant to the program/project, how to assess their needs and expectations and how to develop an appropriate program. Based on needs assessments, working groups of participants develop community projects.

Specific objectives

After the training, the participant will be able to:
• Develop a community participation framework which will be the basis for the identification and development of capacity building interventions for communities
• Design and present a community participation assessment instrument as a tool for identifying and monitoring stakeholder growth
• Develop a project that is adapted to the needs of the community and to the program/project.


1. Capacity building and community stakeholder mapping
2. Developing a community participation framework
3. Creating an instrument to assess community participation
4. Designing community development project
5. Sharing proposed community development project.





Not Available


Not Available

Number of participant

15-20 person


English and Nepali


Gyan Kunja, Tyalan-1, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal


Individual NRs. 7000.00 (including reading materials, tea, certificate and stationery).

Note: 5% discount for female participants.

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