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General Management

About general Management Training

Gender and Development (GD)

Knowledge and skills to analyze gender issues, formulate gender and development planning, and assess the strengths of, and obstacles to women’s participation in communities.

Leadership Skill Development (LSD)

Knowledge and skills to analyze  team work, communication, the competent level of subordinates and to assess their team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Training of Trainers (ToT)

Help those new to training to make an effective contribution to the training and development of others in a practical and systematic way.

Local Tourism Business for Beginners (LTB)

Designed as a jump-start for you to comfortable get into the tourism industry and gets your fair share of this “new gold”.

Human Resource Development (HRD)

Knowledge and skills to analyze  HR issues, set up  HR planning, recruit  personnel, develop  job descriptions and  assess the strengths and weaknesses

General Management (GM)

To improve the skills required to lead their organization into the future.

Report Writing Skill (RWS)

Knowledge and skills  to collect  data/information and maintain regular  reporting, analyze project  progress.

Effective Communication Skill (ECS)

Knowledge and skills to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing and to understand the importance of ensuring the best use of the communication process.

Conflict Management (CM)

Knowledge and skills required to tackle conflict situations.

Fund Raising and Resource Mobilization (FRRM)

Knowledge and skills to analyze the interests of stakeholders, available resources of communities and organizations’ capacities.

NGO Management (NGOM)

Understanding and importance of organizational management of NGO.

Knowledge Management(KM)

Understanding of the management, principles and practices of knowledge management.

Life Skill (LS)

Life skills are behaviors used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal affairs.

Social Work and Development (SWD)

Social work and development is a discipline studying and promoting the quality of life of individuals and the well-being of the community.

Basic First Aid (BFA)

BFA training gives you a thorough understanding and importance of first aid.

Basic Finance Management (FM)

BFM training gives you a thorough understanding and importance of finance management in office

Strategic Management (SM)

Effective strategic management is at the heart of an efficient modern organization.

Management Business Administration-Leadership and Business Administration (MBALBA)

The ability to interpret the factors which influence the decision-making process in business administration has a growing importance.

Sales Training (ST)

Appropriate to sales man and sales authorities

New Manager Training (NM)

his training is designed for new or recently appointed managers, team leaders, or supervisors.

Education Leadership and Management (ELM)

This training course is designed to explain the difference between the traditional styles of education compared to modern education styles.

Real Work.
  Real Results.

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