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Knowledge Management (KM)


This six-day KM training gives you a thorough understanding of the management, principles and practices of knowledge management. Knowledge is increasingly being recognized as the new strategic imperative of organizations. The most established paradigm is that knowledge is power. Therefore, one has to hoard it, keep it to oneself to maintain an advantage. The common attitude of most people is to hold on to one’s knowledge since it is what makes him or her an asset to the organization. Today, knowledge is still considered power – an enormous power in fact – but the understanding has changed considerably, particularly from the perspective of organizations. The new paradigm is that within the organization knowledge must be shared in order for it to grow. It has been shown that the organization that shares knowledge among its management and staff grows stronger and becomes more competitive. This is the core of knowledge management – the sharing of knowledge. All organizations deal with knowledge in their daily operation. However, only a few have a systematic and formal way of dealing with knowledge.

Specific objectives

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:
• Provide an understanding of the importance of Knowledge Management for all organizations in the Knowledge Economy
• Foster understanding of the Knowledge Management Framework and Implementation Approach
• Equip participants with methods, tools, and techniques for Knowledge Management implementation and integration in organizations


1. Why and what KM?
2. KM Framework
3. KM Implementation ApproachGO)


This training is highly participative with an emphasis on the practical application of techniques and skills.




Not Available


Not Available

Number of participant

15-20 person


English and Nepali


Gyan Kunja, Tyalan-1, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal


Individual NRs. 6000.00 (including reading materials, tea, certificate and stationery).

Note: 5% discount for female participants.

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