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Other Services

Coaching and Counseling for Job Preparation

Coaching and Counseling for Job Preparation Service at SOJSTC is planned to help you build your confidence and increase your success rate at job examinations and interviews. Our Facilitators are experts in their professional fields and have a good experience across a variety of sectors like government, business, corporate, banking, education institute, cooperatives etc. They have substantive knowledge of current written examination patterns and recruitment practices, including behavioral-based interviewing techniques. They will help you prepare, practice, and perform more effectively at written examinations and interviews, and will give you skills and techniques to stand out from other participants.

Management and T&D Consultant Service

SOJSTC is a team of social entrepreneurial, consultants and advisers, each with years of experience of Management and Training & Development (T&D) in government, educational institutes, development and service management, non-governmental organizations, and corporate sectors. We represent the wide span of competences in general management as well as in socio-commercial and project management. This makes it possible for us to tailor our offer to your specific needs. You will get access to the best experience and expertise available with our team.

Project Proposal Writing

Project proposal writing is not easy. This is mainly because the specific type of proposal writing involves a very detailed and professional style of writing that many organizations have difficulty doing on their own. When your organization requires writing a project proposal, SOJSTC may help you get started on it right away if you approach us for this purpose. Whether your organisation needs a project proposal letter or a full proposal document, your organisation simply needs to provide us with the right documentation and SOJSTC will get to work in having your organization prepare project proposal letter or document in your organization’s office by the due date.

Nepali and English Translation Services

A translator has to have good understanding of both the tone and grammar of English and Nepali languages. A successful translator always makes him/herself familiar with the text according to the language and in order to clearly convey the message of the written content.

Our Nepali to English and English to Nepali translations are done by experts of the languages – English and Nepali -, while having expertise in such areas as management, business, administration, and so on. SOJSTC has been providing professional translation services now for more than five years, and has gathered a team of translators who love their job.

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